Friday, 27 October 2017

Sothys New Youth Intensive Treatment

Since my last experience with Sothys, I had a very good impression of their products as there is an obvious improvement on my skin at a short period of time, even till now I am still amazed with the result. When Sothys recently launched their new youth cream products, I was invited to try the intensive treatment once per week for 3 consecutively weeks to achieve the best results. I did my treatments at the Sothys salon at Mandarin Gallery & Capitol Piazza.

The facial treatment duration takes about 90 mins.  Before the facial starts, I was first attended by a professional beauty expert who checked on my skin condition and explained clearly to me what she will be doing before cleansing my skin thoroughly. I was told that my skin is slightly dry and my fine lines need to be treated. Removal of dead skin and excess dirt was the initial step using exfoliation serum, it has a light ’biting’ sensation but it is absolutely normal especially at dry areas of my skin. The sensation soon disappear and after-effect was cooling within a few minutes.

So that was the in-cabin professional care for my skin.

At home, there are the 5 new Youth creams which I use religiously with the Youth serums.  These creams also contain βP3. TRI-COMPLEX, which is result of years of Sothys Advance Research containing 2 botanical active ingredients (saffron & soffora) & new generation peptides to fight environmental & biological ageing of our skin.

Here are the five types of youth cream introduced. Each has its own effectiveness to fix various skin ageing problems.

1. Fix- Vitality youth cream
2. Extend- Wrinkle targeting youth cream
3. Revive- Firming youth cream
4. Restore- Reconstructing youth cream
5. Regenerate- Redensifying youth cream

Sothys is different because of their Digi Esthetique acupressure massage technique which is inspired from the Western and Eastern culture, machines are actually less-preferred here. This special massage technique allow the skin to fully absorb the products’ essences and target to remove wrinkles, fine lines and increase my skin’s vitality. I felt especially relaxed during the entire procedure. Most importantly, my skin feels so much radiant after restoring it’s brightness. I was told that after 3 weeks of treatment my skin will reduce by 6 years, and it really did! After each treatment only reflects improved result.

It is tried and tested as my skin looks visibly younger with reduced dark spots during the 3rd week. To be honest I always get a few people staring at me after each facial session, at first I thought I might have something on my face, but I realised it’s actually the ‘glow’ that got their attention. I was really surprised with the outcome. I will give it a 85% satisfaction anti-wrinkle effect and 90% satisfaction for firming and fine lines reduction on an overall result.

What I admire about Sothys is not just the quality products they use but it’s exclusiveness as well. Each step of treatment is very precise and some products are even catered to individual only for hygiene purpose. After 3 weeks of intensive youth treatment, Sothys invited me to the New Youth Cream & Institute Treatment Media Launch. I am really honoured to be the first Singaporean to try these incredible products. I definitely learnt a lot of how Sothys is able to fight against signs of ageing and facial stress with this set of specially formulated youth cream. With such high effectiveness, it is only right that I share my review with everyone.

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