Thursday, 25 January 2018

Qi Lin Xuan Kitchen at Vision Exchange

Have you ever experienced prolonged cravings before? It's the lingering thought of the food you ate yesterday which you still crave for it the next day. This happened after eating at Qi Lin Xuan Kitchen during the food tasting, I was totally hooked to the dishes!

Before I elaborate on the food, just to share a brief introduction of this place. This brand has actually been around for more than 10 years and has 2 branches, the latest branch recently opened it's door at Vision Exchange, a commercial building which is near Jurong East. The air-conditioned restaurant offers incredibly delicious local items such as the Signature Asam Fish Head, White Bee Hoon with Clams, Salted Egg Crab, Deep Fried Pork with Garlic, Chinese Spinach with Mixed Eggs and many more. There are over 50 selections to choose from and these dishes are so addictive that I will still crave for it very quickly.

White Bee Hoon with Clams
The crucial part of this dish is the broth, the vermicelli has fully absorbed the natural-sweet broth added with a hint of pepper that makes it very appetising. Served with a generous amount of big and juicy clams, every bite is consistently tasty.

Salted Egg Crab
Salted egg dishes are commonly found everywhere but how good it is mainly depends on the use of salted egg. Over here, the yellow colored paste is thick, fragrant and tasted pleasantly smooth. Not overly salty that is to my liking.

Deep Fried Pork with Garlic
One of my favourite dishes out of the lot. Pork belly is deep-fried till crispy and tossed with garlic bringing out the fragrance. Sweet home-made sauce is then coated over the meat. This goes perfectly with a glass of cold beer.

Asam Fish Head
Chinese Spinach with Mixed Eggs

Qi Lin Xuan Kitchen
Address: 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #01-18/21/22, Singapore 608526
Tel: +65 6255 5676